The Profile is the unique identity on the platform that every person and group/org has to organize information, manage people/events, create/upload content and promote your sports identity.

The command center for your personal or team profile. The dashboard allows users to create, manage, connect, promote and organize the profile in time efficient and effective manner.

Communication is a top pain point for athletic organizations that affects everyone associated with a player or team. Through Auto SMS/Push Notifications of event changes, custom email messaging or live chat, any Sportsmarkit user can effectively stay engaged with their online sports community.

SportsMarkit e-Registration allows a group, organization or manager to register players and teams. Completely paperless, our online registration process also allows for collection of payment information and integrates an e-signature feature.

Use Stripe ™ to manage your online payments collection and tracking efforts. Through Sportsmarkit, process payment transactions of any size for a nominal fee.

registered users can e-sign documents and admins can view signed documents online.

It can be hard to keep a live schedule up-to-date using paper or manage a website. With SportsMarkit, toss the paper and go to live online scheduling available to your entire sports community.

Our event management tool allows event promoters and administrators to create events under a branded Sportsmarkit page, track registrations, collect payment and promote on social media.

Often times groups and organizations need to keep track of anticipated attendance for games or registered events. The headcount is crucial between a forfeit or poor event planning of attendance. Our RSVP feature addresses this issue with a click of a button.

Tag, manage and promote your photos, videos and articles to gain exposure, track profile awareness and connect with other lovers of sport.

Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Live Stream through any vendor or use SportsMarkit Live Stream Service!

The Search function allows you to find the specific player, team or league you are interested in. From parents looking for camps and clinics for their budding athletes to scouts seeking out new talent the Sportsmarkit search tool is a valuable feature.

Social media plays a huge role in helping athletes, programs and events to cross promote across multiple media. Leveraging SportsMarkit as the base, a effectively supplement your social media strategy for an individual, group/organization and/or events.

Our online document management system allows your sports program to go paperless! No more chasing people down for packets of papers and signatures. Send a link through our email function to the right parties to fill out online and download anytime.

Number is SportsMarkit’s first stats features which allows for athletes, coach and trainers to publicly post and endorse a “highlight stat” to be true and “verified.” The verified stats are noted with a blue checkmark and lets the profile visitor know of the stat’s authenticity.

As an individual or group, through Sportsmarkit, you’re able to track and grow your sports network database. This is achieved through official affiliation as a participant of a group/organization/event and our “follow” feature.

Not everyone is an athlete but nearly everyone is a fan. To be a “fan” on Sportsmarkit, go to an individual or group/organization profile and hit the “follow” button. This feature lets you bookmark your favorite profiles on